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Volume 2 Number 1 January 2001


This issue of the DLF newsletter includes updates on developments at the California Digital Library, Cornell University, Harvard University, the Library of Congress, and the University of Michigan. It also includes a new report from the University of Southern California.

The issue also includes a report from the DLF Office of the Director. That report documents progress with ongoing DLF initiatives (e.g. the Open Archives Initiatives, AIC/ArtSTOR, reference linking, review of DLF best practice recommendations). It also introduces a number of new DLF initiatives including ones intended to:

  • design and possibly prototype a cataloguing tool for visual resources,
  • design and possibly prototype a service to register digitized monographs and journals;
  • develop standards for describing technical, structural, and administrative characteristics of digital objects;
  • investigate changing patterns of library use.

The report finally announces the DLF Spring Forum 2001 (to be held in San Francisco, May 4-6) that we hope will be well attended.

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