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Study Group Participants

Lynn Connaway: Consulting Research Scientist III, OCLC

James Fern: Director, OnCourse, Indiana University

Dale Flecker (co-chair): Associate Director for Planning and Systems, Harvard University Library

David Greenbaum: Director, The Interactive University Project, University of California, Berkeley

Nancy Hoebelheinrich: Metadata Unit Coordinator, Stanford University Library

Leslie Johnston: Director, Digital Services, University of Virginia Library

Amy Kirchhoff: Project Manager, Ithaka Harbors, Inc.

Cliff Lynch: Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information

Neil McLean (co-chair): Director, IMS Australia

Jeff Merriman: Project Leader, Open Knowledge Initiative, MIT

David Millman: Director, Information Services R & D, Columbia University

John Ockerbloom: Digital Library Architect, University of Pennsylvania Library

MacKenzie Smith: Associate Director for Technology, MIT Library

Scott Thorne: Lead Architect, Open Knowledge Initiative, MIT

Gordon Tibbitts: President, CEO, Blackwell Science, Inc.

Raymond Yee: Technology Architect, The Interactive University Project, University of California, Berkeley

William Ying: Chief Technology Officer, ARTStor

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Digital Library Content and Course Management Systems:
Issues of Interoperation

Report of a study group

Co-Chairs: Dale Flecker, Associate Director for Planning & Systems, Harvard University Library, and Neil McLean, Director, IMS Australia.

July, 2004

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary [PDF]

Report [PDF]

Digital Repository Summary Checklist [PDF]


1. Participant List [PDF]

2. Repository Service Requirements [PDF]

[Appendix 3 removed].

4. Use Case Working Group Report and Recommendations

Appendix 4.0: Use Case Working Group: Report and Recommendations. Nancy Hoebelheinrich, David Greenbaum, and Jay Fern. [PDF]

Appendix 4.1: Use Case Example #1: Adding an online Resource List to a Humanities Seminar course web site from within a University Library's Portal. Nancy Hoebelheinrich. [PDF]

Appendix 4.2: Use Case Scenario #2: University Faculty Using IU Scholar's Box To Create Reusable Teaching Materials With Images. David Greenbaum, Jane Lee, and Chris Ashley. [PDF]

Appendix 4.3: Use Case Example #3 – Faculty creates a search criteria box and adds a search criteria box to a CMS assignment. Jay Fern. [PDF]

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