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Digital Library Federation
1752 N St NW
Suite 800
Washington DC 20036

Digital Library Federation Publications
This page opens out onto the very different information resources produced by DLF. Those designated as "publications" report finally and formally on particular initiatives or pieces of research. They are edited and typically available in print as well as in electronic form. The rest report the incremental steps taken by DLF initiatives, supply periodic snapshots of DLF members' digital library activities and achievements, and document the proceedings of DLF forums.

Collectively, these resources serve three distinct roles: as a vehicle for reporting the progress of DLF-supported initiatives; as an information exchange about DLF members' digital library challenges and activities; as an information resource for the broader community that is interested in leading-edge digital library developments.

DLF reports
Through its formal publications, DLF seeks to raise awareness about and share experience in current digital library practices, trends, and innovations. These publications report finally on specific initiatives or pieces of research. Available in both printed and electronic formats, they are highly polished productions.
Proceedings of the DLF Forum
DLF Forums are convened regularly for professional staff at member institutions. Typically extending over two days, forums host a variety of formal papers, panel discussions, and working group sessions that keep professional staff abreast of innovation while facilitating networking and community building. They also provide a venue for review of DLF initiatives.
DLF Annual and Occasional Reports
Electronic editions of reports that have appeared as sole DLF publications, or as part of annual reports of the Council on Library and Information (CLIR) when DLF was a program of CLIR.

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