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Guides to Quality in
Visual Resource Imaging

Linda Serenson Colet, Donald D'Amato,
Franziska Frey, and Don Williams

July 2000


Digital Library Federation
Council on Library and Information Resources
Research Libraries Group
Washington, D.C. and Mountain View, California

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In 1998, the Digital Library Federation, the Council on Library and Information Resources, and the Research Libraries Group created an editorial board of experts to review the state of the art in digital imaging of visual resources (original photographs, prints, drawings, maps, etc.). While sources for instruction in digitizing text or text and images existed and were growing, none specifically addressed the challenges of two- and three-dimensional, as well as color-intensive, materials.

Charged to identify imaging technologies and practices for such visual resources that could be documented and recommended, the board arrived at a set of guides in the science of imaging—objective measures for image qualities and how they can be controlled in various aspects of the imaging process.

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