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Monday April 19

12.00pm-1.00pm Registration (Le Foyer)

1.00pm-2.00pm The DLF Today.David Seaman, Digital Library Federation (Vieux Carré A & B)

2.00pm-2.30pm Break

2.30pm-4.00pm Session 1: DISTRIBUTED SEARCHING (Pontalba Room)

Experiences from an NSF-funded Distributed Search Project ("A Distributed Digital Library of Mathematical Monographs"): Technical and Social Perspectives on Interoperability. David Ruddy, Cornell University ; John P. Wilkin, University of Michigan

2.30pm-4.00pm Session 2: VIRTUAL COLLECTIONS (Cabildo Room)

Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) Infrastructure: a collaborative metadata pilot.Yong-Mi Kim, University of Michigan

Toward a User-Centered Digital Library.Curtis Fornadley and Howard Batchelor, University of California , Los Angeles

Implementing a Digital Library Architecture at the University of Virginia .Thornton Staples, University of Virginia Library

4.00pm-4.30pm Break

4.30pm-6.00pm Session 3: DIGITIZING AND ACCESS (Pontalba Room)

Copyright Permission for Open Access: Costs, Strategies, and Success Rates.Denise Troll Covey, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

Update on ACLS History E-Book Project.Nancy Lin, ACLS History E-Book Project; Maria Bonn, University of Michigan

Lessons Learned from RedLightGreen. Merrillee Proffitt, Research Libraries Group

4.30pm-6.00pm Session 4: OAI (Cabildo Room)

Enabling Better Collaboration between OAI Metadata and Service Providers: Report from the Third International Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI3).Kat Hagedorn, University of Michigan Libraries; Jeff Young, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.; Thomas Habing, Grainger Engineering Library Information Center at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

6.00pm-9.00pm Reception (Les Continents)

Tuesday April 20

9.00am-10.30am Session 5: METASEARCHING (Pontalba Room)

What You Need to Know About Metasearching: Lessons and Questions from Metasearch Pioneers. Roy Tennant, California Digital Library; Marty Kurth, Cornell University ; Kristin Antelman, North Carolina State University

9.00am-10.30am Session 6: ARCHIVING WEB SITES (Cabildo Room)

METS and MODS in the MINERVA project: standards used at LC for archiving Web sites.Allene Hayes, Library of Congress; Leslie Myrick, New York University ; Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress

Virtual Remote Control (VRC).Nancy Y. McGovern, Cornell University Library

10.30am-11.00am Break

11.00am-12.30pm Session 7: ELECTRONIC ARCHIVES (Pontalba Room)

NARA 's Electronic Records Archives (ERA) - The Electronic Records Challenge.Fynnette Eaton, National Archives and Records Administration

Implementing OAIS Reference Model at OCLC. Leah Houser and Andreas Stanescu, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Kickin' It Up a Notch: Cooking with the Digital Registry.Taylor Surface, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.; Erika Linke, Carnegie Mellon University; Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress; Robin Wendler, Harvard University

11.00am-12-30pmSession 8: COLLECTING AND PRESERVING MULTIMEDIA (Cabildo Room)

Audio for the Digital Age: the National Recording Preservation Act and the Future of Sound.Samuel Brylawski, Library of Congress; Abby Smith , Council on Library and Information Resources

Collecting Digital Video.Judith Thomas and Michael Tuite, Robertson Media Center , University of Virginia Library

12.30pm-2.30pm Break for Lunch

2.30pm-4.00pm Session 9: DIGITAL IMAGES (Pontalba Room)

Dumbing up or Dumbing Down? Developing a flexible information architecture for image/metadata retrieval and display in a Digital Library context.Joseph B. Dalton, The New York Public Library

Digital Image Services Come of Age (But Will They Ever Grow Up?).Laine Farley , California Digital Library; Henry Pisciotta, Pennsylvania State University Libraries

Reviving DIDO: Using Contextual Inquiry to Inform the Redesign of an Art Image Resource.Michelle Dalmau, Indiana University Digital Library Program

2.30pm-4.00pm Session 10: OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE IN DIGITAL INITIATIVES (Cabildo Room)

From Creation to Dissemination: A Case Study in the Library of Congress's use of Open Source Software. Corey Keith, Library of Congress

SRW: the Search and Retrieve Web Service.Robert Sanderson, University of Liverpool

4.00pm-4.30pm Break


1) Open Source Software in Digital Initiatives. Corey Keith, Library of Congress; Rob Sanderson, University of Liverpool (Cabildo Room)

2) ARTstor. James Shulman, ARTStor (Pontalba Room)

3) Between the Sheets: Enriching the Catalog. Roy Tennant, California Digital Library (Vieux Carré A)

4) Database-driven approaches to EAD. Stephen Davis, Columbia University (Vieux Carré B)

Wednesday April 21

8.00am-9.00am Breakfast (Le Foyer)

9.00am-10.30am Session 11: PRESERVATION REPOSITORIES (Pontalba Room)

Building a robust knowledge base for digital formats.John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania .

A Repository of Metadata Crosswalks.Carol Jean Godby, Devon Smith, Eric Childress, and Jeff Young, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Digital Repository Interoperability with Learning Systems. David Greenbaum, University of California at Berkeley ; Leslie Johnston, University of Virginia Library .

9.00am-10.30am Session 12: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Cabildo Room)

The OpenEmblem Portal at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.Nuala Koetter, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Opportunities for Collaboration: The HEARTH Project.Joy Paulson and Nathan Rupp, Cornell University

The Usability of Electronic Finding Aids During Directed Searches.Christopher J. Prom, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

10.30am-11.00am Break

11.00am-12.30pm Session 13: SEARCH ENGINE TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITAL LIBRARIES (Pontalba Room)

Beyond Digital Libraries - The Use of Search Engine Technology to Create Next Generation Scholarly Portals. Norbert Lossau and Friedrich Summann, University of Bielefeld ; Dr. Bjoern Ohlstadt, FAST Search

11.00am-12.30pm Session 14: E-RESOURCES (Cabildo Room)

Digital Library at Dartmouth : Evolution of a New Service.Mary M. LaMarca, Dartmouth College Library

XML Schema for E-Resource Licenses.Nathan Robertson, Johns Hopkins University ; Tim Jewell, University of Washington

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