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  1. British Library

  2. California Digital Library

  3. Carnegie Mellon University

  4. Columbia University

  5. Cornell University

  6. Council on Libraries and Information Resources

  7. Dartmouth College

  8. Emory University

  9. Harvard University

  10. Indiana University

  11. Johns Hopkins University

  12. Library of Congress

  13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  14. National Archives and Records Administration

  15. New York Public Library

  16. New York University

  17. North Carolina State University

  18. Pennsylvania State University

  19. Princeton University

  20. Rice University

  21. Stanford University

  22. University of California, Berkeley

  23. University of Chicago

  24. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  25. University of Michigan

  26. University of Minnesota

  27. University of Pennsylvania

  28. University of Southern California

  29. University of Tennessee

  30. University of Texas at Austin

  31. University of Virginia

  32. University of Washington

  33. Yale University


  1. Online Computer Library Center

  2. Research Libraries Group

  3. Coalition for Networked Information

  4. Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library


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Directions to Low Library Rotunda

535 West 116th Street
(West 116th Street and Broadway)

Cab fare from the Sheraton Hotel and Towers to Columbia University is about $15. The campus is closed to traffic so the cab will drop you at the main gates. Enter through the gates and walk to the center of the campus. The Low Rotunda will be to your left.

If you prefer to take the subway: Take the 1 or 9 train at 50th Street and 7th Avenue uptown to the West 116th Street and Broadway stop. When you exit the subway, you will see the main gates of the university. Enter through the gates and walk to the center of the campus. The Low Rotunda will be to your left.


Map of campus Libraries - The Low Library is located in Section E


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