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Please send the DLF Executive Director your comments or suggestions.

DLF membership criteria

The DLF is a leadership organization with two categories of member: strategic members and allied members.

Strategic members are active digital libraries who shape and help develop the DLF's programs through a variety of research and development, information sharing, co-development, and catalytic initiatives. Each partner participates in DLF's governance through a seat on the DLF Board and involvement in other governance activities. Each DLF member contributes staff time and expertise to DLF working groups, takes part in the bi-annual DLF Forum, and contributes substantial annual funds (currently $20,000) as part of its commitment to DLF's goals. Each partner also contributes a one-time fee of $25,000 to DLF's capital fund.

Allied members are organizations who work in proximate areas of digital library development. A senior officer of each allied organization sits on the DLF Board "with voice, but without vote." Staff members from allied organizations are encouraged to take part in DLF working groups and to participate in the bi-annual DLF Forum.

New Strategic and Allied Members

New members are invited from time to time by the DLF Board to join the DLF. Invited applications are reviewed by the DLF Board for demonstrable evidence that the applying institution:

  • has significant research and development capacity that is devoted to digital library developments;
  • is able to contribute to DLF initiatives through staff time, expertise, and creative leadership;
  • shows evidence of substantial digital accomplishments, ongoing institutional support, and of digital library initiatives that are advanced well beyond start up or project-based phases;
  • is committed to the DLF's mission statement; and
  • is an acknowledged regional, national, or international leader in some part of the digital library arena.

Invited applications should:

  • describe their digital library program's size, staffing, and ongoing support;
  • summarize the institution's digital library goals and achievements;
  • demonstrate how it meets the DLF selection criteria (above);
  • highlight areas where the institution will be best able to contribute to or lead DLF initiatives; and
  • are encouraged to contact the DLF Executive Director for guidance and feedback during the application process.

Criteria adopted May 20, 2005.

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