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Please send the DLF Executive Director your comments or suggestions.

The DLF Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of DLF. It currently meets twice a year and provides oversight for DLF programs activity and initiatives. The Board consists of the Directors of those institutions participating as Strategic Partners, including the President of the Council on Library and Information Resources. The Executive Director of DLF serves ex officio.

Each member of the Board has voting rights. Official meetings of the committee require a quorum, which consists of a majority of members. Matters brought before the Board for decision will generally carry or fall by simple majority of those present at the meeting.

The Board will nominate and elect a President to set the meeting agenda and to conduct the meetings. The President will create subcommittees and task groups as needed to conduct the work of the Board, which has also created an Executive Committee to advise the Executive Director as may be required with regard to operational and other issues. Senior officials of organizations participating as Allied Partners serve on the DLF Board "with voice but without vote."

Members of the DLF Board of Trustees

* indicates DLF Allied Partners
  1. *Miriam Blake
    Interim Director
    Los Alamos National Library

  2. Lynne Brindley
    Chief Executive
    British Library

  3. Nancy Cline
    Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College
    Harvard University

  4. Paul Courant
    Director of University Libraries
    University of Michigan

  5. *Lorcan Dempsey
    Vice President, Research
    OCLC, Inc.

  6. Barbara Dewey
    Dean of Libraries
    University of Tennessee

  7. Nancy Eaton
    Dean of University Libraries
    Pennsylvania State University

  8. Laine Farley
    Executive Director
    California Digital Library

  9. David Ferriero
    Andrew W. Mellon Director and Chief Executive of The Research Libraries
    The New York Public Library

  10. Myron P. Gutmann
    Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

  11. Fred Heath
    Vice Provost and Director of General Libraries
    University of Texas at Austin

  12. Charles Henry
    Council on Library and Information Resources

  13. Jeffrey Horrell
    Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College
    Dartmouth College

  14. Paula Kaufman
    University Librarian
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  15. Michael Keller
    University Librarian and Director of Academic Information Resources
    Stanford University

  16. Anne Kenney
    University Librarian
    Cornell University

  17. Sheldon Kotzin
    Associate Director, Library Operations
    U.S. National Library of Medicine

  18. Thomas Leonard
    University Librarian
    University of California, Berkeley

  19. Wendy Lougee
    University Librarian
    University of Minnesota

  20. Sara Lowman
    Vice Provost and University Librarian
    Rice University

  21. Rick Luce
    Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries
    Emory University

  22. *Clifford Lynch
    Executive Director
    Coalition for Networked Information

  23. Carol Mandel
    Dean of Libraries
    New York University

  24. Deanna Marcum
    Associate Librarian for Library Services and National Librarian
    Library of Congress

  25. Judith Nadler
    University of Chicago Library

  26. James Neal
    Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian
    Columbia University

  27. Susan Nutter
    Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
    North Carolina State University

  28. *Sarah Porter
    Head of Development
    The Joint Information Systems Committee

  29. Alice Prochaska
    University Librarian
    Yale University

  30. Catherine Quinlan
    Dean, USC Libraries
    University of Southern California

  31. H. Carton Rogers
    Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
    University of Pennsylvania

  32. Gloriana St. Clair
    University Librarian
    Carnegie Mellon University

  33. Ismail Serageldin
    Bibliotheca Alexandrina

  34. Patricia Steele
    Acting Dean of University Libraries
    Indiana University

  35. Gary E. Strong
    University Librarian
    University of California, Los Angeles

  36. Winston Tabb
    Dean of University Libraries; Director, the Sheridan Libraries
    The Johns Hopkins University

  37. Kenneth Thibodeau
    Director, Electronic Records Archives Program
    U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

  38. Sarah Thomas
    University Librarian
    Oxford University

  39. Karin Trainer
    University Librarian
    Princeton University

  40. Betsy Wilson
    Director of University Libraries
    University of Washington

  41. Karin Wittenborg
    University Librarian
    University of Virginia

  42. Ann Wolpert
    Director of Libraries
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Members of the DLF Executive Committee

  • Wendy Lougee President
  • Winston Tabb Vice President
  • H. Carton Rogers Treasurer
  • Patricia Steele Secretary
  • Paul Courant At-large Member
  • Rick Luce At-large Member
  • Chuck Henry Ex Officio

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