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Office of the Executive Director

The office consists of the Executive Director, a small support staff and the various support structures that CLIR provides. It is responsible for setting the goals and direction of the Federation, managing the program activities and finances of the DLF, supporting information sharing amongst the DLF members, communicating about the DLF and its activities to the broader community, establishing external alliances and recruiting new partners. The Executive Director reports to the President of CLIR and works with the DLF Board to establish the DLF goals and program activities. The Program Associate assists the Executive Director in developing communication structures, such as the DLF web site, and other expertise as needed to support the program activities of the DLF. The Program Associate also assists the Executive Director in organizing and conducting program activities and may represent the Executive Director and the DLF in various organizations and meetings.

The Executive Director's office is located at CLIR, 1752 N Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington DC 20036

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