Level 4 Front and Back Matter Examples

Examples are from Documenting the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Compiled by Natasha Smith

It is recommended that all prefaces, tables of contents, afterwords, appendices, endnotes and apparatus be encoded. For publisher's advertisements, indexes, and glossaries or other front or back matter that isn't considered of primary importance to the text, there are three options:

  1. Fully transcribe and encode

    FROM: No Author
    Slavery Illustrated, in the Histories of Zangara and Maquama, Two
    Negroes Stolen From Africa and Sold Into Slavery. Related by
    Manchester: Wm. Irwin, London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., 1849.
    (see: the rendered HTML or the entire XML file)

          <div1 type="advertisement">
            <pb id="p38" n="38"/>
            <head>LIST OF NEW WORKS.</head>
            <p>Recently Published, A TRIBUTE FOR THE NEGRO: being a Vindication of the Intellectual, 
    and Religious Capabilities of the Coloured portion of Man with particular reference to the African 
    Race. Illustrated by numerous graphical Sketches, Facts, Anecdotes, &c., and many superior P
    ortrait Engravings. By WILSON ARMISTEAD. Bound in cloth, with appr<gap reason="edge of page cut off" extent="unknown"/> 
    Devices on back and side, price 12s.; elegantly bound in Morocco, with <gap reason="cut off" extent="unknown"/> on back 
    and side, gilt edges, and extra Engravings, 21s. Single Copies <gap reason="cut off" extent="unknown"/>above 
    Work forwarded, carriage free, to any part of the United Ki<gap reason="cut off" extent="unknown"/> on receipt 
    of post order for the amount.</p>

  2. Link to page images (may include an unencoded transcription)
  3. Omit, noted in <EditorialDesc>