Digital Formats: Factors for Sustainability, Functionality, and Quality

Analysis of Digital Formats

Section I.Factors for Evaluation

Two Types of Evaluation Factors

Sustainability: Disclosure

Sustainability: Adoption

Sustainability: Transparency

Sustainability: Self-documentation

Sustainability: External Dependencies

Sustainability: Impact of Patents

Sustainability: Tech Protection Mechanisms

Sustainability Evaluation (not weighted)

Quality and Functionality Factors

Quality & Functionality: Still Images

Quality & Functionality: Sound

Quality & Functionality: Video

Quality & Functionality: Text

Evaluate All Factors, Example of Sound

Section II.Relationships

What is a format?

Formats: Types & Relationships

Simple Example: WAVE

More Complex Example -- PDF

Sidebar on PDF/A for Archiving

Format Description Documents

Synergy with Registry

Complexity Increasing

Section III. Content States in a Production and Distribution Cycle

Content States in a Production Process

Initial State, Early Creative Processes

Middle State, in Hands of Publisher

Final State, Distributed to End Users

Prefer the Middle-state Formats?

Middle-state Preference Challenges

Section IV. Curatorís Judgment

Putting Format Preferences to Work

Sound content subcategories and their significant characteristics

Sound content subcategories and format preferences

Project Next Steps