Building Primary Content:
Virtual Collections at
Online Archive of California (OAC)

Major Themes

CDL: Mission

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CDL Model:
Collaborative Leadership

OAC Background: Phases of Growth

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OAC Background: Successes of Research Project

OAC Background: Sustain Collaborative Framework

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OAC Background: Challenges of Research Project

CDL Leadership: Staffing

CDL Leadership: Improving Communication

Building Virtual Collections

Building Virtual Collections in OAC

JARDA: Nearing Completion

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MOAC: Goals

MOAC: 2nd Quarter Progress Fall 2000

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California Cultures

Building Virtual Collections: Leadership & Management

Building Virtual Collections: Federating digital collections

Building Virtual Collections: Primary Content Selection

Building Virtual Collections - Resolving Problems: Legacy

Building Virtual Collections - Resolving Problems: New

OAC Content -  Future Enhancement: eScholarship

Conclusions: Maturing Vision of OAC Collaboration