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Blacklight pre-conference event at DLF Fall Forum

Preregistration required for this event. Please send your name and e-mail address to Leslie Eagle leagle@clir.org by November 2.

On Tuesday, November 10, there will be a pre-conference event on Blacklight. We will be holding it at 6:30 PM the night before the conference begins, to allow travelers time to arrive and check in.

What: Blacklight BOF / Show & Tell / Install & Hackfest
When: Tuesday, 11/10 at 6:30 PM
Where: Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, Corsican Meeting Room
Of note:
* there will be food thanks to CLIR's generous support
* developers should bring laptops

The agenda for the event will be determined by those who come. We will have a group ready to discuss/do any of the following:

  • provide a Blacklight overview, including features, advantages, demos, how to get involved
  • discuss (and help set) the feature roadmap for the project
  • help new users and/or the curious get up and running, including getting it installed
  • have a hackfest for those eager & ready to add new features

What's Blacklight?

Blacklight is an open source, "next generation" discovery application that works equally well for catalogs as for repository interfaces. First developed at the University of Virginia, it has since been adopted up by several other institutions. It's built on top of SOLR with Ruby on Rails, and it supports faceted searching & browsing.

Some exemplar sites are: